Announcing the next upcoming Glory Party, July 18th, 2015! 

7:30pm kick off with prayer and worship, as we have the fantastic Milly Bennit from Cabin Academy speaking at 9:00pm as part of our Glory School series.


Milly is a unique prophetic voice for our generation, for the UK and to all the world. She is a deep mystic, visionary, and best of all, experiences the depths of Jesus Christ and heavenly encounter because of her over-arching desire that is supreme over all she is and does: she loves Jesus with all her heart, all her soul, all her mind, all her strength.

You can learn more about Milly and Cabin Academy at her Facebook page and her website here:

Come and listen and glean from Milly, in her unique laid back yet powerful way of speaking. If you want to go deeper into the Father, it is helpful to sit and glean from those who are going deeper…

See you July a8th! Come ready to kick of by 7:30pm sharp.

Salvation Army Hall Horsham, Booth Way, Horsham

Quite near Horsham train station

Free parking on site


3 thoughts on “Glory Party July 18 2015

  1. Hi there! Wow! Wow! How neat would it be to join you by being transported in the spirit to enjoy this event with you!! Can’t begin to explain how and what a blessing it has been to listen to all the podcasts! It all resonates deep within my spirit and I am rejoicing in the Lord for the amazing goodness of the Lord and His tremendous love. Be blessed. Glenda (South Africa Richards Bay)
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  2. Hi I was looking for a exact address I’m living in Melbourne just wondering is there any trains gong to this event ??
    Love and blessing Liz

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