Car Parking Tomorrow People 2015

Great news!

We are aware that car parking in Horsham isn’t easy, and for all day can be expensive.

We have spoken with our friends at the Salvation Army Hall in Horsham, and since Tomorrow People 2015 conference is in August, which is their down time, the car park will be mostly free for both days of our conference. 


So they have very kindly agreed to let us use the car parking facilities for the conference!

This is a short walk from the Capitol venue, as you can see from the map. 

The agreement is simple, and will operate under the honour system.

They are allowing us to use their car park both days of our conference, in exchange for the people parking there to put a love offering through the mail slot.

The suggested offering is £3-£5, and there are approximately 30 spaces on a first come first served basis.

What a huge blessing to us, so we want to be a blessing to them. So please be prepared with your donation to them should you use their car park for either or both days.


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