Podcast: Tomorrow People Session 4

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In our fourth session of the Tomorrow People conference, Ian reminds us that we are spirits with souls in bodies, that we were not made for this world. As such, this world attempts to tether us to the natural, when we were made for the supernatural. This results in us being earthbound, and makes it more difficult for many to engage the deeper realms of the Kingdom.

Imagine: untethering from the constraints of this world to be free to roam the heavenly Kingdom in your spirit 24/7! What a delicious thought! Well… sit back, listen, absorb and enjoy… Just believe!


Please note: the engagement exercise at the end is purposely left off at Ian’s request, to avoid misuse or it being taken out of context. Any engagement exercise is based on faith, and is merely an example of something to engage with to help one focus their faith, not to be used as a magical incantation.

As such, believers, use your sanctified imagination to create your own engagement exercise to untether yourself from the influences of this world.

Let your box be broken and your present and future life be transformed, as you listen and embrace this fantastic teaching.

Enjoy: Tomorrow People Session 4 Podcast

Be encouraged. Be empowered. Be delivered.

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6 thoughts on “Podcast: Tomorrow People Session 4

  1. That was an incredible teaching…I was cut to the heart. Prayerfully listening about tethering, I just started crying…..but you didn’t include any keys about how to untether ourselves!! Do you have any audio that includes that part?

    • Hi Ashley
      Guess you didn’t read the blurb
      Ian asked for the engagement exercise to be left off lest it be misused out of context
      Use your sanctifies mind of Christ to imagine something like untethering untying cutting whatever and engage your faith to untether yourself. If you believe you will get and see reslts ;D

      • cool! that’s exactly what I was doing! and going through each spot on spine, eyes, ears. thanks so much! And thank you for honoring his request.

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