Podcast: Tomorrow People Session 1

Our first podcast from our first conference after a 6-month sabbatical. And man, what fire is on it!

The conference was off the charts. The teaching was box breaking. The worship was powerful and heartfelt. And we had the privilege of seeing a major scroll for England land on the second day of the conference, which has totally rocked our world. We are still digesting the fullness of what it means and how we’re meant to respond…


In our first session of the Tomorrow People conference, Ian Clayton speaks about the importance of our physical bodies in Kingdom dynamics. For so many years it has been implied that the body is evil and the spirit is good. But Hebraic thinking is that the body, soul, and spirit are all important and intertwined… and when God made it, it was good!


Have you ever wondered why the transfiguration of Jesus was featured as it was in the Bible? Have you ever pondered: if Jesus says that we will do even greater works than He did whilst on Earth… what does that say about we sons of God and disciples of Christ in light of Him being physically transfigured on the mountain. Is there an implication of some form of responsibility as the body of Christ to embrace the transfiguration in some format in our own physical bodies…?

By thinking incorrectly about our bodies for as long as we have… have we missed something really important? Have we set our hearts on death, and the loss of the body, to enter into the spirit world of Heaven. Have we made death our saviour? Have we ignored something to obvious and right before our eyes all these years… that our bodies are just as important as our spirits and souls…? 

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Ian has graciously given us permission to post this podcast teaching for free for a limited time (as he will be later selling this teaching as part of a series on his own website). Let your box be broken, as you listen and embrace this fantastic teaching.

And support Ian’s ministry by going to Ian’s website to purchase his other wonderful and important box-breaking teachings.


Be encouraged. Be empowered. Be delivered.

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  1. Thank you for putting up this session it was awesome!! I live in LA so I could not attend 🙁 will u be sharing ians other sessions?

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