Cash Cows v Sacred Cows

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In this second session with John Scotland in October Glory Party, he spoke a fantastic prophetic message about us breaking our agreement with sacred cows many Christians have: to do with the poverty mindset that has so wrongly been prevalent in Christian thinking since middle ages.

We Christians are meant to be the most supernaturally successful people on the planet! So much so, that the world comes to us to ask us how we are prospering in times of recession! What is your secret! Ah… but the secret is so simple… to believe in a God who gives generously to those who are in turn generous to bless others. Wow. Simplicity.

Break your own sacred cows and turn them into cash cows from the Lord!

Listen here and enjoy!

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One thought on “Cash Cows v Sacred Cows

  1. Hi, I really believe that this is a time when God will question our heart motives in regards to why we want wealth, more Holy Spirit power, ministry positions, ( so called ), because unless our hearts are beating with His heart; we can not be entrusted with excessive money/power/positional responcabilty.
    Growing in Gods Love, and thus in Him is the only real safeguard against the deceitfulness of riches, and ego, and sinful pride that was the origin of Lucifer’s downfall.
    God is looking for a people who live out of Matthew 6v.33. A people who Love God, and all around them. A people who Abide in God continually, John 15. A people who have a heart after God’s heart, and therefore become one with God.
    When God has this people in the earth, covered in His Glory; then all these other things can be multiplied to them. Yet our heart motives are to be judged by the light of the Holy Spirit to purify us into His likeness, more and more, and more, so when He appears we will be like Him. Hallelujah.

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