Podcast: John Scotland – Pushed into Destiny


On Night 1 of our October 2013 Glory Party with John and Jean Scotland, we had such a great time receiving a powerful word delivered with joy from John.


John is a modern day Jeremiah or Isaiah. His years of drunkenness are still seriously misunderstood by so many in the Church. Yet it was God who was using His willing servant, John, to deliver a powerful message to His Church through the actions John was lead to perform — often without even at first understanding it himself. This brave mighty man of God, without an ounce of fear of man, was willing to be God’s puppet, bringing offence to many, in order to uproot matters of the heart that prevailed.


We had a glorious time of great joy receiving this powerful message from John, complete with an hour of prayer at the end for all those who attended: baptised with the breaking of waters in order to then be pushed and delivered into new destiny.

Enjoy this delicious feast of serious joy!

John Scotland – Pushed into Destiny

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