Settling for Stew Pt 2

More thoughts from the story of Esau trading his inheritance to Jacob for a bowl of stew… I fully believe that our Father has always intended for us to inherit so much more in this lifetime than we are currently walking with. 


2 Timothy 1:9 ‘Before the foundation of the world, He knew us and called us according to His purposes.’

Wow! Really!? He knew us before the foundation of the world? It was then that He decided what He wanted us to do in our lifetime. We were there? With Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit? Were we watching the creation? Was He modelling something to us?

With that in mind, at what point in our lives did He begin to imbue us with His gifts He intended us to use to fulfil the calling He placed upon us before the foundation of the world…?


Before I got saved, I never got sick a day in my life, with the exception of the times when I thought to myself, ‘I am going to catch this cold,’ and then I would. I had complete faith that I would not get ill, no matter how many fell to my left or right. And so it was. My faith in the power of my physical constitution was so strong, it was virtually unshakeable, except when my own words and thoughts would sabotage it. And even then, I would get well very quickly once my mindset then changed back towards health again.

And then I got saved. And when I got saved, something bizarre happened.

Because of the teachings I was hearing, at some point, a voice came, and I thought to myself that I had been doing something bad in ‘self-will’ believing for my health. So I gave up this innate belief that I had that I could be healthy all the time, and I listened to this voice that told me that I was sinning in using a ‘mind over body’ mechanism to keep myself healthy. I made a choice to give up this belief system, thinking that I was trading it for a Godly version, where God would keep me healthy instead.

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I tell you, I got so sick. So often. The wind would blow, and I would catch a cold…

Yet I kept saying, I will not use my mind over body to heal myself. I will wait for God to do it for me.

I waited and waited and waited… And God didn’t show up and show me something new, some new Godly way to stay healthy. I felt unworthy to receive this gift from Him. Or I felt that I didn’t have enough faith to believe in His way of health, and I chastised  myself with shame at how weak my faith was.

Many years passed like this, with me having this wrong faith, ill placed, in a sovereign act of God belief system over my own health.

Much later, God showed me just how goofy I had been, and that the original gift that I’d had was always from Him. I realised I had traded what was already a God-given faith, a natural belief in health, a natural belief in the ability to not ever get sick, a God-given empowerment of supernatural faith that He had given me from a young age to think positively and ‘just believe’ by faith that I would not get sick a day of my life, that I would not catch a cold from the dribbliest, sneeziest, coughingest human being breathing their germs all over me…

I very wrongly, and foolishly gave away that gift that He had imbued me with all my life, BEFORE I got saved, because I thought that I could only get a gift from Him AFTER I got saved and was a Christian.



Thankfully, He stripped the wool from my eyes, and I see clearly now. And I am back, walking in that gift of faith for this particular issue of health in my life. Glory to God.

It makes me look back and wonder, what else did I give up? What have any of us given up, under this wrong mindset…? 

I urge you. Don’t give up ANYTHING that the Father has given you. Don’t let the enemy talk you out of your inheritance. Embrace everything that you are able to do, everything that you simply believe, and give God credit for it. He made you. He made everything. He made it all for His good pleasure. It is His pleasure to give you the Kingdom. Don’t ever trade anything for less. That is not His Kingdom economy for His children. 

Rise up Sons of God! Step into the fullness He has for you and fulfil your destiny, according to His purposes for your life.

Be encouraged. Be empowered. Be delivered.

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