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It’s been so long since last blog. So much going on in Jesus and the Glory Company! Blessings on you all.


At the Days of Wonder conference hosted by Company of Burning Hearts, Ian Clayton made this statement that has lingered with me for days. In the upcoming Awakening/Revival (whatever you want to call it…), there is going to be a lot of really WEIRD stuff coming as signs and wonders.

I’m so excited by this! If we thought gemstones and gold dust and gold filled teeth was odd, what will we make of what’s coming next! Weirder than these phenomena? How exciting! Can you imagine what might come to pass?!


Ah, but isn’t that just it? We’re not supposed to be able to imagine it! Levitation, glowing faces, walking through walls or on water… these are things straight out of the bible. What about weirder!? (Can you feel my excitement with all my exclamation points!! ;>)

Jesus DID say that we would do even greater things than Him. And Papa tells us (through Holy Spirit and St Paul) that He can do exceedingly, abundantly more than we could ask or imagine through those who believe…

If we think that we can only do more in number than the things that Jesus did that were recorded, we’ve really missed the point. It’s not that we will pray and heal a few people, or feed a multitude. We’re talking about things like walking at such oneness with Him that perhaps when we pass a hospital, the entire wards are healed in the entire building. Or when we pass a morgue, perhaps all the residents come back to life.


But no! This is too tame even! I can still imagine this!… It is going to be exceedingly, abundantly more!

I’m so excited to be surprised by joy, surprised by the new, the strange manifestations of God, out of love for us, to excite and overwhelm us by His unimaginable power and creativity in showing off! He will be showing off to woo us to love Him more, and showing off to impress the world and show everyone that He is Lord of All!

Glory to God! I don’t know what else to say, except we eagerly await and cry out for the Sons of God to arise! Rise and shine, guys! For the Spirit of the Lord is upon us! Can you not see it? Can you not feel it? Are you not excited by the prospect of what new He may do for and through us!


May you all begin to dream and imagine the most impossible things that might come to pass… and then may you see even more than that come to pass all around you, through you, for Him.

Be encouraged. Be empowered. Be delivered.

Glory Company

3 thoughts on “Weirdness!

  1. I’m dreaming of Mark 11:23 literally coming to pass in the days to come. Faith that moves physical mountains and trees. I call it bulldozer faith! Come on Jesus. Let party begin!

  2. I was recently at a meeting in Cornwall. There was thunder rolling around in the distance and a flash or two of lightning. While I was praying I heard a fizzing sound and a soft ‘pop’ from the sound system, (it was in someone’s lounge). Someone who had their eyes open saw a blue lightning flash come in one end of the room and exit one of the corners at the other end of the room. There were about 15-20 people in the room, as well as an extensive sound system, electric keyboard and speakers and the normal lighting. Nobody was hurt, there was not even a flicker from the lights and the sound system continued to function perfectly. Not even a smell of burning. That seems a bit weird doesn’t it? There were some healings at the meeting, and a fair bit of words from Father shared around.

  3. Emptying hospitals was part of an amazing vision Smith Wigglesworth had at the end of his life re the end-time church, so we’re DEF going to see that! It’s all SO exciting, the mind boggles, but one thing we do know… it’s all gonna be in LOVE!! WOO HOO!!!

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