New Podcast: Love Slaves

At recent Glory Party with Justin Abraham, after an amazing adventure in worship and intercession glory in the throne room, Papa hijacked Justin’s planned message to invite us all to become love slaves, bond servants, lovers of the Most High God. 

It is for freedom that Christ set us free. But is there a better way?


The most amazing mystics saints all had one major thing in common: they were willing bond servants of the Most High. They gave themselves to Him in full surrender and willingness, as they bonded with Him, living out of their spirits for the majority of their lives.

The results for them all were amazing mystical experiences with Papa God, Jesus, Holy Spirit that boggle the mind and defy most modern church day experiences.


But to all of them, the most important part of their lives and journey with Him was simply to be in His Presence, truly madly deeply in love with Jesus.

Enjoy listening! Love Slaves

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  1. Hi Justin love your teachings and revelation you have .My name is Gary & my mate pete listened to a podcast last night Mystic prayer we got wacked prayed the prayer by passing the mind got wacked again. We love jesus like you. We are drinkers of holyghost wine hard to find drinking buddies.

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