2013 Events

2013 Events Diary!

Very exciting year ahead forming up already! So get out your diaries and save some dates!

Glory Parties of 2013

Mostly 3rd Saturday night of every month, and the Salvation Army Hall, Booth Way, Horsham, 7:30pm
Free entry and parking — love offering on the night
Jan 19: Glory Party: 7:30pm
Feb 15 & 16: Two-Night Glory Party with power evangelists Munday Martin and Charlie Shamp
Friday 8pm, Saturday 7pm
Free entry: Love offerings on the night
Poss healing on the streets of Horsham Saturday lunchtime 
Mar 16: CONFIRMED: All Day Glory Party/Teaching with Dr Sharnael Wolverton of Young Living and author of upcoming book Quantum Healing: 2 morning sessions at 10 am and 12 pm, then evening from 6pm onwards.


Apr 27: Glory Party: 7:30 pm
May 18: Glory Party: 7:30 pm
Jun 15: Two-Day Glory Party with Justin Abraham and Company of Burning Hearts team


Jul 20: Glory Party7:30pm
Aug 17: Date pencilled in for Glory Party or Ian Clayton event
Sep 21: Poss 2-day Glory Party with Adrian Beale and Adam Thompson, authors of dream interpretation book The Divinity Code
Oct 19: Glory Party7:30pm
Nov 16: Glory Party7:30pm


If you would like Glory Company team for worship or ministering (or both) – please contact us at



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  1. Hi, Please could you explain to me why God is pouring liquid gold into my spirit man ? I am new to this teaching, and am experiancing some amazing things etc. Last week i was in the spirit of worship, and a river of gold was being poured into me, it was amazing, also a couple of months ago i saw myself all on fire, thats my spirit man was all aflame. I know you have more understanding in these things, please explain what this means. Thank you for being here to help. I am unable to share these experiances with church leaders as they dont have this in their grid of experential knowledge. If you have time to talk on the phone please let me know, i am being real. However i would be more than happy for you to answer the liquid gold question. Also i have 3 Great ones from heaven who are monitoring me?? I ve seen them in worship, and they were also discussing me amingst themselves, and smiling/ humoursly about me ? This is true, i would not dare lie about these heavenly things.

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