Michele Perry Podcast: Hope Revival!

Hey Guys!

Well, all we can say is WOW! To Michele Perry’s word for us this past Saturday April 14th. What a pleasure to be taught by so noble, so holy, so well-spoked and so DRUNK a mighty woman of God! LOL!

What a blast we had. You who were not there, man, you missed an awesome time with Papa, Jesus, Holy Spirit, and a visit from Enoch and the angels, too!

The bliss and joy were powerful and tangible. The presence of God was undeniable. Deliverances and healings were rife in the attendees just basking in the sweet, sweet presence… It was delicious.

The worship was so throne room of grace… not bad for 2 chords for 45 minutes! LOL. Boy we had a blast in the worship team.

And then Michele was absolutely on fire. Have a listen for yourself.

Personally, we think this is such an important word in this season for we Glory Company people. This is our story. So many Glory Company people have been crushed in spirit by too many years of waiting for promises to be fulfilled and by well-meaning brethren giving terrible advice on why things aren’t happening, like Job’s friends supposedly consoling him…

Please, have a listen, and enjoy Michele Perry’s message, which we’ve entitled Hope Revival!

Be encouraged, be empowered, be delivered!

Glory Company

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