Todd Bentley Horsham Night 1: The Kingdom is At Hand

This is the first podcast from the Todd Bentley event Glory Company hosted back in December.

Todd laid a foundation for the true reason why people get healed: they encounter the Presence of the King in the atmosphere of Heaven because the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, because Heaven invades Earth and the spirit of healing and deliverance and resurrection has pre-eminence.

It’s a pretty awesome, powerful, biblical, simple message.

It is the main message Jesus taught. The Kingdom is at hand!

And look at how many miracles Jesus performed.

It is the message that Todd lives and preaches.

And look how many miracles he releases.

Enjoy this excellent teaching.

And when you get to the end, lean in and receive your miracle.

And please let us know if you do!

Be encouraged. Be empowered. Be delivered.

Glory Company


2 thoughts on “Todd Bentley Horsham Night 1: The Kingdom is At Hand

  1. Todd is doing a great job, his teachings are simple,straight to the point and above all biblical.I you want to join me in prayer so that i can be delivered from a severe body odor situation.Tnx

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