Engaging the Father

Final Podcast from Glory Company’s Engaging Heaven weekend away in Norwich: Engaging the Father: a practical, funny, scriptural teaching from Matthew.

This is from Sunday morning at Wellspring Church in Poringland. Matthew spoke from his personal experience spending time in the presence of the Father, seeking Papa’s face. 

The bible shows us many of the greats were friends with God. God even took counsel from them at some points. They walked and talked with Him. They shared meals with Him.

And yet so many of us relegate our existence to knowing about God through someone else, rather than engaging God directly ourselves… Why should we be like the Israelites who, when God said, “All of you! Come up the mountain!” in fear, said to Moses, “You go and find out what He wants and get some rules for us to follow instead…”

Jesus tore the veil so that we may all enter into the Holy Place, where God awaits us, ready and willing to bestow the sceptre to us and say, Come!

Let’s stop believing that we are too dark to enter in to the King’s chambers. Behold, He stands at the doof and knocks! Will you enter in and dine with Him? It just takes believing and engaging, by faith. Try using the prayer of simplicity to help you on your journey (it’s in the podcast ;>)…

We want to thank, honour, and give credit to Teresa of Avila, Ian Clayton, Patricia King and Bill Johnson for their wonderful teachings that have encouraged and influenced us, and from whom we have borrowed and incorporated some of their exercises into our own beliefs, teachings and practical exercises.  

Enjoy Engaging the Father.

Be Encouraged. Be Empowered. Be Delivered.

Glory Company

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