Face to Face Challenge

Big Happy New Year to everyone!

As new year’s eve was approaching, I felt Papa begin to challenge Pearl and I, and so we put the same word He gave us to you, to see if it similarly stirs up something inside of you as well.

The challenge we felt Him lay down was to start the year by devoting the entire month of January to Him. Our firstfruits to Him. Give Him January, and watch what He does with the rest of our year.

The challenge He laid down to us was to reverse tithe our time… Fast television and entertainment and all other things that distract, and devote that time to Him instead. Instead of going to church one day a week and living the rest of the week at work and family and entertainment, He is calling us to swap it, and have 1 day a week for entertainment (with the kids, etc), but to otherwise devote any other possible time to seek His face. We can give Him our commute time, our lunchtime, our reading time. We can even Brother Lawrence our lives and give Him our time washing the dishes, vacuuming, making the bed… whatever! It’s more an awareness issue of His presence, to keep a constant state of communion with Him, an attitude of worship at all times… To seek His face, at every turn!

There is a lot of hoo-hah about ‘seeking’ and ‘fasting’ and ‘praying’ as big Do Do things. We preface this with the following: if you are reading this and you have no prompting in your heart from Holy Spirit about this, please, don’t do this thing. It will be fruitless without Holy Spirit quickening it in your heart. Don’t do this thing to please man. A fast like that for appearances sake will reap wind and air.

However. If you read this, and something jumps inside of you, if it resonates with you, and if you think that Papa asks this thing of you, well… you know that if Papa asks, it is because He has full intention of meeting with you in the secret place. It is not Do Do if it is Spirit lead. Never.

Psalm 27 says: 8 When You said, “Seek My face,”
My heart said to You, “Your face, LORD, I will seek.”

Can you hear Him calling to you? Would you like to begin to see Him face to face, to walk with Him daily, like Moses, Enoch, Abraham, David or Jesus? Practice makes perfect! And we become what we behold, so why not dare to believe Him at His word and seek Him for a face to face friendship, the result of which will be that you carry more of Jesus with you wherever you go? What do you have to lose? You can’t out give God. If you give Him your time, He will pour out so much more back to you, a good measure, pressed down, shaken together, overflowing…

Think of this challenge not as a ‘fast’, but rather, as the start of a new habit, a lifestyle change. If you begin to see the fruit of it throughout January, you can always keep going into the rest of the year… ;>)

Be encouraged. Be empowered. Be delivered!

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