Leaving it all behind…

Pondering this morning: Jesus said that to follow him one would leave behind mother father family and friends… Early in our walk, we used this to justify having a proud and haughty arrogance that what we had found (Christianity) was THE thing and all others were dopes… We were not aware we were really exhibiting this. Religion can create blinkers. We have repented deeply for our arrogance.

Now that we have moved deeper into the heart of Jesus, now that we have discovered Christ and are getting to know Him more intimately, it’s taking on a whole new meaning… As people with whom we once shared relationship begin to shun as us weirdos for loving Him as deeply as we do.

This is not the way of the world. It is a radical sold out lifestyle, abhorrent to the world and Christians alike… And so we leave friends and family with some slight sadness, but for the reward of knowing Him more. A deeper weight of glory…

Be encouraged. Be empowered. Be delivered. Glory Company

One thought on “Leaving it all behind…

  1. Yes I agree. I have been called mental, obsessive, religious nutcase, manic, – all, I am happy to say, true – for Jesus!
    And, as my colleague was saying in school yesterday, incompatible and in conflict with the world. Never the twain shall meet unless it be at the Cross.
    How we handle all this stuff depends upon our focus! Lol!
    Jane xx

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