At Glory Party last Saturday night, we sang a spontaneous song around Song of Songs 1, all about the Lover singing to her King, how she considered herself too dark for Him to behold. And yet, the King sings back, “You call yourself dark, but I say you are lovely…”

The Lover begins to receive this proclamation to her heart, and she has a major epiphany revvie: “Why should I remain as a veiled one?”

Why indeed?!

As we sang, the words formed:

“You tore the veil, like a hungry Husband on His wedding day, You tore the veil, to the holy place when You died on the cross…”

The veil was torn 2000 years ago by Jesus on the cross. The Holy of Holies was opened up, once and for all. That we may enter in to Him, and that God may no longer be boxed in the centre of some relic of a place.

The hungry Husband, on His wedding day, is ravenous for the bride He’s been waiting for for so long… The Jewish betrothal period could last up to 2 years! The suitor announced His intentions, but then he would have to go and build a place for them to occupy for the rest of their married lives. Remember Jesus saying to His disciples He was going to go away and build a place for them? They would have had the context for this, the understanding that He was announcing an undying (and dying) love for them, an eternal covenant wedding pronouncement.

Having thus waited so long, on His wedding day, the Husband hungrily tears the veil off His beloved to see her face and passionately embrace her, taking her into His arms that the two may join together and become One for the first time. What a precious gift!

God the Husband is so passionately hungry for us. He wants us so badly. He is waiting, longing, thinking about us constantly… He CANNOT WAIT for the moment when He gets to tear that veil away from us and consummate His marriage with us.

And actually, He longs for the moment when we realise that there is no veil at all. That not only did He rent it in two 2ooo years ago, but that we have ALWAYS been standing before Him, thinking that we were dressed and hidden away, but in actuality we have always been completely naked before Him, exposed. He has always seen all the dark stuff that we are so ashamed of that it makes us want to hide ourselves from him, like Adam in the garden.

The illusion that we are still veiled in any way is completely in our minds. We need to see that we are already unveiled, that He can see everything anyway. Although we think we are so dark, too dark to be loved and embraced and accepted by our Beloved King… HE LOVES US EXACTLY AS WE ARE! We’re NOT dark to Him at all! There is no darkness in Him at all. And since we are in Him and He in us, He looks through the eternal timeless Jesus’ Blood-covered lenses and sees us as the future us, the completely clean as white as snow pure and spotless future bride…

Timeless Papa. He sees us right now, unveiled, perfect before Him.

He passionately embraces us, His bride, already stripped, ready to consummate our wedding night with our Beloved King.

Glory to God!

He loves us.

So, give it up, brothers and sisters… You are already unveiled. The veil is torn. There is no veil anymore. Stop calling yourself dark and hiding away as a veiled one! He says you’re lovely! He wants you!

Go on! Give it up for Your King, Your Husband!

Be encouraged! Be empowered! Be delivered!

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