Music Time!

Hey Guys! Glory Company album is in the final mixing stages now! Into the Home Stretch! Just have to figure out how to get it to sound perfect! LOL

Really working painstakingly at it to get it to sound as nice as possible. First time recording and mixing and post-producing an album entirely with Logic. Not to mention learning what all those buttons and utilities actually do. I mean, what IS compression, actually? Hahaha…

When it’s done, we’ll be selling it off the website and a bunch of other places, plus printing off CDs to sell at events.

But in the meantime, thought it would be nice to start releasing some of the tracks on Sound Cloud and You Tube so you can start listening.

These releases are the ‘Almost Done’ mixes, getting as close to final as possible, albeit with one last previous tweak that just makes it go Pop to the ears. Glory!

So… Enjoy the All But Final first mix of the title track: Glory Company. Still sounds a little muddy to me, but will sort for the final mix. 😉

Glory Company Title Track

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