Toy Boy?

We were soaking the other morning, worshipping the King, really losing ourselves in some great IHOP music. I closed my eyes and entered a vision trance.

I saw Jesus sitting on His throne, looking very kingly, solemn, sovereign, majestic. And yet. He was grooving to the tunes too. It was a particularly upbeat song for a soak. 

There were myriads of angels emitting bright blinding golden light,  so their forms were hazy. They were partying and dancing mid air. Awe inspiring moves, so unlike ‘human dancing’, using the 3D space all around and above the throne, and also in overlapping multi dimensions.

I admired them in their freedom. Dancing is not something I ordinarily would jump into in real life, for being self-conscious…

Instead, I threw myself down before the throne and just worshipped there, crying Holy Holy in my heart to my King.

Suddenly, I felt His thoughts towards me. He knew my heart. He knew my self-consciousness. I felt Him beckon without words, so I looked up into His face, to take in His majesty, full of awe and wonder, and saw this knowing look on His face, His own thoughts totally transparent to me.

He got off His throne, put His hand to me, and yanked me up onto my feet.

He began to dance with me. Or rather. He began to dance me. I was the ‘girl’ and He was dancing me around, like in 50s jitterbug or jive dancing. It was hilarious. It was exhilirating, thrilling, exciting. At first, I was resisting just a bit, but I let it go. He knew what He was doing. I let my thoughts go, and I felt my body go limp as I surrendered to my Husband dancing me around like a ragdoll. I was wife. I was child. I was putty in His arms. He was having a lot of fun with me.

It filled me with such unspeakable joy! I was His little dance puppet. A marionette without the strings. He threw me this way and that, spinning me through 3D space, zero gravity dancing.

I was so overwhelmed with happiness. I began to beam in real life. This huge amazing goofy grin took over my face. I felt this real unsurpassable joy just hijack me. His love was so powerful, my heart was overflowing. I was in heaven, fully surrendered to my King. And He was loving it as much as me. I didn’t want it to ever end.

But in real life, one of my beloved little monkeys jumped on the bed, and I was shaken from my stupor. I gave a little kiss to my boy, overflowing the love I was feeling to him, and then I turned back to the King. He was on the throne again, solemn, but with a cheeky knowing grin, lovingly smiling at me, His beloved.

I cannot describe to you the joy I felt. Words just aren’t enough. It was like all my Christmases and Easters and Birthdays all rolled into one, that one 5-minute trance experience. Something broke off me, that self inhibition thing.

He loves us so much. He adores us. And He likes to play! And the thing that you think you would never ever do, when He asks it of you, and you do it, there is so much joy in giving in to Him and not saying No.

Are you available to Him? Are you willing to be His toy boy or girl?

What do you have to lose? Time? Self? Composure?

Ah. But what do you have to gain? More of Him?! Joy unspeakable?!

Go visit Him and let yourself go, and see what He does… He’ll do more than you can ask or imagine. He promises!

Be encouraged. Be empowered. Be delivered…

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