Glory Party Journey

Hey Gang!

Wow! The first Glory Party Live was mega! For those of you who made it, hopefully you agree. For those who didn’t, all we can say is please try to make the next one!

The night was not what any of us expected. We were expectant that Papa would show up. But we thought it would play out a certain way…  that the night was going to start as a rollicking drunken Holy Ghost joy party. But wow, Papa had a much better idea than we did…

We started with a bit of a disco dance thing to kick off the joy. But, Holy Spirit very quickly diverted us… straight into the heart of the throne room! As the first little spontaneous thing came to an end, I saw out of the corner of my eye 5 wispy angelic forms, flying and dancing in the rafters of the venue. They each had fire at the tips of their wings. They were quickly out of view, but I sensed to close my eyes, and with my faith eyes, I could see they were still there, frolicking, moving in a circle above the attending crowd.

Fire Angel painted on the night by John Flippard

Holy Spirit then took us into a Glory Company song, Wholly Holy, which is a song out of Revelation. As we entered into the song, this deep and ominous feeling came over us all. We were in the throne room. We were with the elders and angels and creatures, worshipping at the foot of the throne. People went down into trance experiences, or prostrated themselves in honour and awe. Holy Spirit kept us here for quite a while. So much so that, in fact, a few people at the back apparently became bored and left at this point. Hahaha… (We hope they enjoyed what they’d experienced so far… ;>)

As we lingered on the floor of the throne room, we felt Papa ministering to people in their hearts. And then… from nowhere, we began to hear the heartbeat of West Sussex, England. We began to play this beat on drums and tapping and percussive playing. It quickly formed into a little 2-chord thing, simple, but sweet, and we began to prophesy over the land, over the people of the UK. We felt Father telling His awaited Sons to rise and shine. We sang to Jesus, and we sang to the sons of God, the kings Jesus presides and rules over.

God's Eye Watches painting on the night by Carole Buckle

God's Eye Watches painting on the night by Carole Buckle

This was a powerful moment. There was a huge release all of a sudden. Power flooded the air, and we all interceded for the sons of God to rise from amongst the people of the land! Even the rocks cry out!

Again, we lingered there for a while, until we felt the cloud of His Presence begin to move. And we followed. We gave praise to Jesus. We prophesied over various sicknesses and bodily issues in the building. And we prophesied deliverance and healing into peoples lives and relationships.

It was so heavy! It was so deep! It was so fantastic to follow Holy Spirit and do what He wished.

And then, just as we were nearing the end, the Joy hit. We sang Dinky Donkey as we took the love offering, and had a party until closing time. It was so wonderful. The band and crew and team were just amazing. The first Glory Party Live went off without a hitch.

In the end, as we reviewed all that had happened and been said, we also got to partake of an amazing prophetic cake decorating, and all who connected to the message of love that was bespoken there, we all got to have our cake and eat it too… with tea!

We also had some prophetic drawings and paintings on the night. One of the Glory Company crew sketched this amazing image of Jesus holding the entire world in His hands, similar to a theme we’d been singing halfway through the night. Another painting depicted a wispy angel, the very same angel image that I had seen dancing in the rafters at the start. And the last painting was of God’s eye watching over the darkness like a sunrise (sonrise?), and accompanied with a scripture in the artist’s mind, Isaiah 60, all about the sons of the earth rising up at their appointed time. Wow! Glory!

Jesus Holds the World sketch on the night by Emma Denson

Sadly, we forgot to hit ‘record’ so we don’t have the music from the night to release for you guys. Someone did catch a snippet of the heartbeat of the land, which you can listen to here: SoundCloud 

You’ll just have to come on down to the next Glory Party Lives in October and November. Come enjoy the Presence with us. Who knows what He’ll do next time!

Be encouraged! Be empowered! Be delivered!

Glory Company

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  1. my sketch came before the similar theme in music, so it was a confirmation & encouragement to me while i was drawing when the music began to play the theme of the picture i got 😀

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