Party Poppers

Don’t know about any of you, but we are so excited about the first Glory Party Live, coming up this Saturday 17th at Salvation Army Hall on Booth Way in Horsham. 

We’re excited because we said Yes over a year ago to Papa, and the journey’s been awesome. Literally. Not like valley girl awesome, but literally, full of awe as He’s lead us at each turn. Wow.

We’re excited to give this platform for His Glory in Horsham and West Sussex. Not that others aren’t. But we’re excited that He asked us to make room for Him, and we have, and we are.

We are expectant. We expect something to happen tomorrow night. We know that something is going to shift in the spiritual atmosphere over this area. We know that He will meet us. When so many expectant people come together to meet, the conduit of the spiritual atmosphere opens exponentially according to how many expectant people there are. The flow rate of a pipe, when you double the radius, it doesn’t double, but quadruples, and so on, as you increase the radius. So many faith filled people in one place, it is irresistible to Papa, and the Spirit has exponential increase of His ability to flow in that type of atmosphere.

But mostly, we’re excited to celebrate together in joy and freedom, and to experience His manifest Glory together. Jesus Loves to Party. He loves the joy. Song of Songs tells us that He brings the marital wine. This is a wine that is mixed, not to water it down, but to make it stronger, to be more intoxicating. He is intoxicated on our love for Him. And when we let ourselves go and love Him with all our heart, soul, strength (spirit soul body… all of our being…), it is a joyous and intoxicating experience.

We get to party with Jesus! In this life! We get to experience Him!

Imagine if you got married and you didn’t get to experience your marital partner… You just got to know about them, perhaps occupying the same residence, your lives co-existing side by side. But you never got to experience your bride or groom in intimacy. What kind of marriage would that be?

It would be a sham marriage. It would have no reality or depth to it. It would be superficial.

Who would want that? When you are about to be betrothed… you want the whole experience!

Glory to God! He loves to party, to spend time with us, for us to experience His mighty loving presence!

Come on down to Glory Party Live this Saturday Sept 17th. Come have some fun with Papa, and Jesus, and Holy Spirit!

The atmosphere will be ripe! The spiritual atmosphere is going to pop!

Come join in with the Life of the Party!

Be encouraged! 

Glory Company

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