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I love the way classic cartoons depict certain things. I love the whoosh lines when things run quickly. I love when a character runs off a cliff and stays in the air for a moment before the long fall. I love the lightbulb coming on when someone gets an idea.

That lightbulb. That’s so heavenly. That’s so God’s Kingdom. The concept that an idea equates to a flash of light above the head.

So, I’m thinking out loud… Where does inspiration come from anyway? From within? Or from above? 

God made us in His image. This means that we have the capacity to create with our mouths. God spoke, and it was. We speak, and we make things happen. Things manifest. Ever have a self-fulfilled prophesy? You know… You’re walking with something in your hands and you say, Oh no, I’m going to drop this, and then you drop it. You said it, and coincidentally, it happened.

So, if we’re made in His image with the ability to create, then ideas must come from us…?

But, then again. If God lives inside of us, and if the Holy Spirit gives utterance to us, maybe it actually comes from Him after all…

When God gave Moses the blueprint for the ark of the covenant, on top of the ark God showed Moses 2 cherubim with one wing each extended over the mercy seat, touching, covering, and one wing each extended back and away from the mercy seat, reaching out towards the world.

Ian Clayton speaks of how the 2 covering angels look down over the mercy seat, from whence God’s revelation of mysteries and new concepts and creations flow. Each time God releases a new revelation, the angels cry Holy (towards God), then extend their wings towards the universe and cry Holy (towards everyone who will benefit from receiving this new revelation), and then finally they look into each others eyes and cry Holy (towards each other, reaffirming each other that, yes, they did see that, oh my, what a privilege!), all in complete awe of what they’ve just seen.

Ezekiel 28, the chapter that describes the fall of lucifer explains that satan was once one of those covering cherubim, but that he wanted to make an ‘inheritance’ for himself, so began to trade these amazing revelations for gold… Ugh… When God stripped lucifer of this position and cast him to earth, God promoted Man to be the other half of the covering angel over the mercy seat, thus raising us above satan, and making us the beneficiaries of all the revelations of God. Wow!

With that in mind… perhaps in fact, all inspiration, all creative ideas actual stem from God, rather than from ourselves… 

Of course, if  we’re not completely sanctified to Him, then we can warp what we’re seeing, interpret and change what we’re seeing a bit, and miss the mark (that’s the origin of the word sin… apparently an archery term when an arrow doesn’t hit the target…). And if we are completely given over to the enemy in our thought life, then we definitely warp what we’re seeing! Take Country Music, for example! (Just kidding… ;>)

It makes me look at everything I’ve ever seen in books and the movies and look for the Heavenly equivalent. I’ve seen things in recent movies that I believe must be based on Heavenly principles.

Sometimes, they are totally warped versions that have a truly negative slant, almost like they were designed on purpose to steer us away from pursuing the Real Heavenly version. Like the movie Jumper, which so wonderfully depicts translocation, only with the negative twist that ‘if they see you, they’ll kill you’.

But sometimes, they are amazing possible revelations or inventions. Like in the movie Knight and Day, the inventor’s created a battery that will never run out of power. That seems like a Kingdom Economy reality that such an invention would/could exist for the benefit of all Mankind. Perhaps such an invention is possible right now, today, but is ‘held back’ by greedy powers that make money off other existing power/energy sources. Ahem…

So, perhaps all ideas are actually God-breathed after all, or are at least based on Heav’ly Revvys.

What an amazing and merciful God to share with us his heart, his new ideas, his new creations and revelations. How vulnerable of Him to place us in such a position to be His covering, even after lucifer abused that position. What an amazing God to light little lightbulbs over our heads. The lightbulb is probably also a spiritual truth that is displayed like that in cartoons, but is also an idea from Heaven: that a bolt of Creative Light suddenly moves through the spirit realm direct from the mercy seat of God into the minds of men for the benefit of all Mankind.

What an amazing and generous God. “The birds neither reap nor sow, yet God feeds them all… and yet, aren’t you more important than a bird, that wouldn’t God too provide for you…” God sends ideas to all of us all the time, for all those willing to stand over the mercy seat as the covering and receive them. Glory to God.

Be encouraged. Be empowered. Be delivered.

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