No Parking!

I saw a No Parking sign the other day. Same old sign I’ve seen 100 times. Only, I was in the glory when I saw it this time.

I felt Holy Spirit shift inside. What is it? I asked. ARE YOU COMFORTABLE WHERE YOU ARE? I felt Holy Spirit ask…

Am I comfortable? Are we too comfortable? Are we willing to go where He says when He says? Where are our hearts? Whatever we give our heart to, we become a slave of. Have we given our hearts fully to Him, or to another?

You ever get stuck somewhere?

Look at Genesis 11:27-12:1 where God says to Abraham to go to a place He’d show him, and Abram (not yet fully joined with God, so no extra Ha, yet…) by faith takes God at His word and goes.

Something really interesting happens here. Verse 1 says God ‘had said’ this to Abram. The implication of the tense is this happened before Abram had left Mesopotamia, the land of Ur of the Chaldeans. Go back to Verse 11:27 and you find that the call of Abram had been extended to his father and nephew and wife. They all left Ur together to go to where God would show them, when they got there. Abram’s father, Terah, also had a son named Haran, the father of Lot, but Haran died before they left Ur.

So, they leave together. It doesn’t matter that God spoke to Abram only, or to all of them. They were all going to inherit whatever together if they stayed the path together.

But what happens? Verse 31 says Terah took them to go to the land of Canaan, but when they got to Haran, they settled there.

They settled? They made their home there? Or… they settled for less than the promise?

Why Haran? Nice place? Ah. The name of the place was the name of the dead son. Interesting coincidence.

Terah loses out on the promise by sticking with what he knew previously, instead of moving on to what God was going to show him when he got there. Abram, he moves on, and we know what happens, what reward he gets for his faith.

But Terah. He misses out.

Have you ever considered where you currently are in your walk with God? Are you really doing what He’s calling you to do? Have you got stuck anywhere, for any reason at all? Are you sitting comfortably somewhere? Are you stuck somewhere because of some emotional tie that is actually a distraction from where you are really meant to be going?

Or perhaps you are actually really happy trundling along in your current walk or movement, and you know that when you entered into that, that it was definitely God’s will for you at the time… so you parked there, perfectly in His will. But actually, the trumpet has sounded, and the camp has packed up, because it’s time to take the next leg of the journey to the promised land, but you’re stuck in a temporality… you haven’t heard the trumpet…

There have been some awesome and really fun movements of the spirit in the past ten years. Box breaking mind blowing stuff. But have we settled there? Is that really all there is? Is the party where we stop? Or, is He calling us deeper. Deep calls out to deep. Have we settled for the surface and thus traded the riches of the depths of God…

I adore the party. The party joy new marital bliss is part of it. But I can’t stop here. The sign says No Parking.

Papa is calling us deeper in our relationship with Him. To paraphrase Bobby Conner, I am fully satisfied with the Cross and the rest and peace and joy that brings. But I am totally unsatisfied with the status quo of how much He’s using me and how much I know Him intimately.

Jeremiah 33:3 says Call to me and I’ll answer you and reveal to you great and unsearchable things that you do not know.

I want to know those things. I don’t want to settle for anything less than the fullness of what He has for me. I don’t ever want to get too comfortable, too tempted by the status quo, too attached to the now. I want to know Him and all He has to reveal. He put eternity into our hearts for a reason. He is the great infinite. We get to plummet those depths for eternity. His heart calls to our own hearts. Let’s seek Him until we find Him.

Be encouraged. Be empowered. Be delivered.

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