Jealous Love

Today I saw a couple walking on the street. It was so sweet to watch. I could see their love. He had his arm around her, holding her with a positive, confident possessiveness. I could see in the spirit the confidence in their love and possession of each other. They owned each other. They were happy about it.

Papa loves us like that, only moreso. You’ve heard it said that if we were the only ones on earth, He’d still have paid for us on the cross. I love that. The word tells us that He loves us with a jealous love.

I grew up being told that jealousy wasn’t good. It was immature. To be jealous over someone showed your insecurity. And yet, God is a jealous God.

Is God immature? Of course not. Is He insecure? No way! And yet… 

God makes Himself vulnerable, loving us, yet giving us the choice to love Him or not.

If God was trapped in linear time like us, this would breed insecurity in our relationship, in that He was giving to us but risking us not returning the same to him. I have heard it taught that Lucifer taunts God about His vulnerability to that which He created.

But God is not trapped in linear time. He sees the end from the beginning. He knows that once we’ve given ourselves to Him, even if we stray to idols in our lives, He knows that in the end we’re going to spend eternity with Him, loving Him and knowing Him in more and more and more glorious revelation each day. Glory.

He is able to confidently put His arm around us, love us unguardedly, guard us jealously. His jealousy is good. His love is powerful. His love is positive.

And we in turn get to lean into His embrace and let ourselves go. We get to be confident that He will never take His arm from around us, but will always embrace us and possessively hold us and protect us.

He loves us. He adores us. He is jealous for us.

Lean in. Let Him love you.

Be delivered. Be encouraged. Be empowered.

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